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Eye on the Sky
Lessons for the Elementary Classroom

Project FIRST has focused its efforts on the collaborative development and on-line publication of integrated science/literacy teaching materials. This site contains engaging inquiry-based and hands-on science activities developed and tested by UC Berkeley educators and scientists at the Center for Science Education @ SSL in partnership with classroom teachers.

Hoover School students and teacher at the Chabot Space and Science Center on Sun-Earth Day.

This suite of lessons is aligned with National Education Standards for the primary grades. The lessons are integrated and, when taught together, allow young students to maximize their understanding of the Sun-Earth system and simultaneously hone their nonfiction reading and writing skills.

Washington School students and teacher with their classroom illustration of the Sun, Earth and Moon.

The Eye on the Sky lessons have been evaluated by Rockman Et. Al., an independent research and consulting firm specializing in educational assessment.
Our program successes include:

    • Increased scores in measures of literacy skills
    • Scientific vocabulary scores increased fourfold
    • Content knowledge of the Sun-Earth system more than doubled
    • Conceptual understanding of scientific components nearly doubled
    • Positive attitudes toward science and technology increased
    • Science teaching and learning in the elementary classroom are enhanced

School Partnerships

Teachers from the following partner schools have taught and tested Eye on the Sky materials with their students:

Hoover Elementary School
Oakland, California

Washington Elementary School
Point Richmond, California

Lincoln-Eliot Elementary School
Newton, Massachusetts


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