Eye on the Sky Project FIRST: Fostering Reading Through Science and Technology
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  Our Funders

The education and outreach efforts of Project FIRST have been supported by the following:

UC Berkeley Outreach
In partnerships with local schools and programs for teachers, students and families, UC Berkeley Outreach brings Berkeley’s academic resources directly to K-12 classrooms. Through outreach efforts supported by the School/University Partnership Programs student achievement is increasing and educational opportunities continue to grow.

Interactive University Project
The Interactive University Project enables UC Berkeley to make its unmatched resources of people and knowledge available on the Internet. Through technology-mediated programs, the Interactive University serves learners and educators, targeting K-12 teachers, students, their families, and local communities throughout the Bay Area and California.

The Office of Space Science is committed to sharing its exciting discoveries and knowledge from Sun-Earth Connection missions and research programs with educators and students in K-12 classrooms. The Sun-Earth Connection Education Forum brings together the rich expertise of scientists and educators to develop innovative products and programs.

California Space Grant Consortium
The California Space Grant Consortium takes a leadership role in enhancing space sciences, earth sciences and engineering education in California and the nation by providing a link between the NASA Strategic Enterprises and the nation's science and technology goals and priorities.

  Updated: 2/17/01

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