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15. Post-Assessment: Student Illustrations and Writing About the Sun
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See the Activity in Action Summary of Activity:
This assessment, given at the end of the unit, will show what students have learned.

Duration of Activity:
20 minutes.

Student Prerequisites:
Completion of the Sun lessons in the unit is required for the post-test.


  • Work sheets
  • Pencils and crayons
  • Lined paper

Teacher Preparation:
Allow time to make copies of the work sheet.

Work Sheets:

"Post Assessment" Work Sheets
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The post-assessment will:

  1. Indicate new information students have learned about the Sun.
  2. Provide concrete evidence to students and teachers of what students have learned.

Grade Level:
Grades 1-3


  1. Encourage students to think about what they have learned about the Sun.
  2. Engage students in a short question and answer session or discussion about the Sun, the Sun/Earth/Moon system and eclipses to activate their background knowledge.
  3. Distribute work sheets and ask students to draw the Sun and label the parts that they know.
  4. Distribute lined paper and ask students to write what they have learned and know about the Sun.
  5. Add work sheets and writing to the student work portfolio.

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