Eye on the Sky Project FIRST: Fostering Reading Through Science and Technology
Tutor Guide to Early Literacy
Updated: 04/23/02

web resources
The International Reading Association promotes high levels of literacy for all. Learn to improve the quality of reading instruction, catch up on new research and explore to current issues in literacy.

Tutoring resources, games and word activities abound at this Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory site. Also, find issues of The Tutor, an on-line newsletter containing practical tips for working with young readers.

Learn more about Early Literacy Development and reading strategies to use with your students. Discover good ideas for games and literacy activities to use in your tutoring sessions.

The America Reads Challenge calls on all Americans to help ensure that every American child can read well and independently by the end of 3rd grade. You will find excellent literacy resources for students, tutors, and families.

ROL, Reading On-Line, is a journal of K-12 literacy and practice and research published by the International Reading Association.
Explore Pathways to learn more about literacy and technology, emergent and early readers, as well as culturally and linguistically diverse classrooms.

ERIC--The US Department of Education’s Clearing House for Reading, English and Communication

A great interactive website to encourage early literacy. At the literacycenter students interact with colors, shapes, letters, numbers, phonemes, words and writing. A great site for very young learners.

Write a book on line with your students, play fun, interactive games and solve reading puzzles. You and your students will enjoy learning at the Sunshine site.


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