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Tutor Guide to Early Literacy
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Even the youngest readers benefit from opportunities to express themselves in writing. Children’s writing develops over time and their writing changes as they become more proficient. At any stage, it is important to let your student do the writing—allowing them the opportunity to be heard. Looking at the stages will give you some idea of how students develop as writers. These stages are not purely linear, and students may display characteristics from more than one stage. Learning to write is a long and complex process and as a literacy tutor, you can be part of the first exciting steps.
stages of early writing

stages of early writing

writing with your student
  • Allow your student to create the sentence or passage.

  • If the student is a weak speller or a beginning writer, don’t demand that she write something for every word. Choose several words that she can partially write, or ask her to contribute the first and last letter, which are easiest for beginners.

  • Use any contribution to the writing that your student makes, if possible. If only one letter is right, put it in the correct place and fill in the rest yourself.

  • Children become fluent writers by working through several stages at their own rate. Learning to write takes time!

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